Rafal Olbinski: Supplement to Conventional Wisdom

Thank you for your interest in supporting Silver Pinion. The 4 most integral ways to support us, and help to keep this vessel in operation:

  • Follow SP on social media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • Follow this blog (look to the right, below 'Silver Pinion: In Conversation')
  • Send your work (when submissions are open)
  • Donate

Below you will find a button/link to SP's PayPal ("Donate"), as well as a list of uses for the funds.

  • Site re-design
It would be cool for SP to have its own custom site design. If you're experienced with Blogger designing, and are interested in donating time to this, please let me know.

  • Print editions

I have plans for further print editions of Silver Pinion. The main obstacle to accomplishing this goal is a lack of funds. If you are a publisher, and are interested in working with us on this, please let me know. silverpinionpoetry [at] gmail.

  • Contributor payment

Paying contributors for their work is a long-term goal. This ranges from complimentary copies of print editions to monetary compensation.

Your donations will help to make all of this a reality.

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