Journey to Reims, Rafal Olbinski

“You write poems
because you need
a place
where what isn’t may be”

― Alejandra Pizarnik

“Part of our mechanical way of living is born out of this limited consciousness. Is it possible not to expand consciousness, not enlarge it, not add more things to it, more knowledge, more experience, more moving from one corner to the other? There are schools which are trying to expand consciousness, by practice, by discipline, control. When you are trying to expand consciousness, there is a center of measurement. When you try to enlarge anything—enlarge a house from a small foundation to a larger foundation—there is a center from which you enlarge. Similarly, there is a center from which there is an expanding, which is measuring. Look at yourself. Aren’t you trying to expand your consciousness? You may not use that word. You may say, ‘Well, I am trying to be better’, ‘I am trying to be more this or that, or to achieve.’ As long as there is a center from which you act, there must be disorder. Then the problem arises: Is it possible to act, function naturally, happily without a center, without the content of consciousness?”

- J. Krishnamurti

"Those who are committed to realizing the truth can animate potential within us that might otherwise lie dormant. This urgency within them to be truthful, to wake up, not to waste their lives can light a sense of urgency in us as well. The fire within them lights the fire within us."

- Sharon Salzberg

Thank you for your interest in Silver Pinion. Submissions are again open, beginning November 1st.


Experimentation / word & thought experiments / xperimentalism
Reverence, wonder, fascination
Creation & destruction
Doubt, questioning, challenging, dismantling the status quo
Visual poetry / paintings / drawings / water color / misc. visual art

What we’ll leave to other venues (with few exceptions):

Old poetry (“Thou speaketh…” “Thy wonderst…”, etc)
Overly sexual/erotically focused work


Please have an overarching title for your submission (if sending more than one poem, piece, etc.) clearly indicated in the file / file name.

Your work may be attached as a document (.doc, .docx / .jpg, .png / no more than 10 pages) or included in the body of the email.

Please include with your submission a 100-word (or less) biography written in the 3rd person.

A succinct introduction to your work is greatly appreciated.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please indicate this somewhere in your submission.

Please send up to six previously unpublished examples of your work, attached as a single document to: silverpinionpoetry A T gmail D O T com

*****If your work is accepted, Silver Pinion requests First North American serial rights, with credit given to you as the author, for promotional purposes. Upon publication of your work, all rights revert back to the author (with the condition that you credit Silver Pinion as the original publisher, should your work be republished elsewhere).

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