We continue to affirm the marvelous; that which spark our curiosity to wonder.

نسعى لسرحة في سماءٍ تدهش العينين.

For this year, we want to use this platform to amplify those who exceed the norm. We are seeking voices that resonate across borders, that galvanize our imagination(s), that speak out against the passivity of everydayness, and that seek life, elsewhere.


Silver Pinion was established in 2018 as a writer’s collective. Founding members include Joseph Delgado, Rus Khomutoff, Eli T. Mond, hiromi suzuki and D.C. Wojciech.

Our namesake is derived from a recurring line in the John Keats poem, “To Hope,” which you can read here.

The transition from writer’s collective to online magazine was made at the conclusion of 2018. Submissions were opened on January 2nd, 2019. 

Silver Pinion was edited by D.C. Wojciech from 2018-2020. During the pandemic of 2020, Silver Pinion was guest edited by various contributors, including Joseph Delgado (March), Shaimaa Abdelkarim (May), Tongo Eisen-Martin (September), and Heller Levinson (October). 

Beginning February 2021, Alie Jones & Shaimaa Abdelkarim are co-editors of Silver Pinion.

gypsy & harlequin by Remedios Varo