Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Ain’t got much space for wallowing, Mahogany L. Browne


We walk three speed up a block for a two-piece and a biscuit

Until the moon scare us home
Street lights sound different
During an apocalypse
They say pandemic
And all I hear is economic cleansing

Who do you pray for?
When your tongue is blistered
And you throat is on fire
And your new neighbors practice an anti-vac life with weekly wine deliveries
And you haven’t smelled a smell since your hands baked a box lemon cake
All praises due
The ability to have heat and water and box cake with sprinkles

This is WIC on steroids
This is a baby mama dream deferred
This is a church sermon on Easter Sunday to an empty room of roach filled pews

We been missed his return to the hood
We been forgot to turn the cheek
Wash our hands
Wipe our feet
Bow thine head to the hate
But swing your sword for righteousness

Who do you pray to?
When the sun is out but it feel like
Acid on your skin and your scalp
Swoons every time you touch the bald spot with tea tree

How sacred is a death
Chambered between bi partisan promises and a congress of thieves
Den masters speak Dutch
Double handed loans for the homies
And I remember the sky
She red like woo
She fire too
I figure I’ll see her again soon

When I’m not peering from the basement window
Clanking pots at 7pm
And dusting off my sinus pills

This whole system is affected
Afflicted by disorder
Sky been falling to tune
Pennies from a crooked government
That pretends America
is heaven

Keep your fists up
This country will feed your children
To Dr. Oz if you ain’t careful

Another 2% dead
Another 2% gone
Another 2% born

as stock options worth selling like:
Core Civic, Kingman, Crystal City, Lawton, Newcastle, Two Rivers, Walnut Grove, & Winn Correctional

Check it
The prisons still full of bodies
Rona ain’t take care of

While I got the luxury
of daydreaming
about chicken wings & hot sauce
with a palette raptured by this new age plague

Look North
Look North
Look North for setting sun

I heard it’s gone shine forever
Whether we praise it

or nah

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