Sunday, May 10, 2020

there is only sky, Gitan Djeli

there is only sky

deep into the whole of being,

the outer-ring overwhelmed by depth,
ridges on the edge stretch reach out.

there is only deep,

staggering smooth depth

a universe,
a dome of light,

         knowing, being, floating

shapes wave immensity obscured.

in a hole, in a well.

if it overwhelms, well…

        followers, converters suffocate,
        like train delays,
        empathetic voices without empathy

the well sits still solid, on its own,
wild scape,
(is)land of the land,

         come who may come,

not inviting,
open indefinite,
find relief in earth waters if you may


            we pause, we tend, always negotiated

in formed spaces
with/within/outside/inside other spheres.

invite the sky in

          without shapes, without break, waver the circle of light

blurs of distance,
symmetry is irrelevant

there is only sky.

Gitan Djeli @gitandjeli is a London-based Mauritian writer and researcher in cultural studies. Her latest poems appear in Poetry, Adda, Amberflora and Parentheses Journal.

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