Sunday, May 10, 2020

SEQUENCE, Tọ́pẹ́ Salaudeen-Adégòkè


Like a bee full of dreams
Buzzing past the scent of memories,
The treasures of history:
Gold, topaz, stone, steel…
            - Resolution.


A half-gnawed apple
Browned by oxidation,
A half of a setting sun
Gulped by throat of the sky,
The tmesis of resolve
            - June 15.


The river of dreams
Is the mirror of déjà vu
That reflects jamais vu
And ripples of colours
In 365 degrees
            - Mutatis Mutandis.

Tọ́pẹ́ Salaudeen-Adégòkè is an editor, literary theorist, critic and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. 15/6, as he sometimes likes to be called, has been working on the connectedness of poetry and mathematics. He is the co-founder of Fortunate Traveller, a journal of travel literature. Also, he is the author of Transacting Stories, a chapbook of his travels across Africa, which was published by Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation and was part of their exhibition ‘A Volatile Negotiation Between the Past and Present’ at the 2019 AfriCologne Festival, Germany and the12th Bamako Encounters - African Biennale of Photography, Mali. @LiteraryGansta is his alter ego on Twitter. 

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