Thursday, March 19, 2020

Molding Clay, Gabriel X. Hendrix

I have set out to build my own Rome
To use saliva into my living,
To hum another heart once the old is gone.
Learning the recipe
that started with salt and vinegar, 
with nothing left,
but fire from a candle,
the air from a balloon,
and a piece of Eden.
The challenge
is to create harmony
from inside,
it would sting
without warning
to begin by resting and growing
in the ocean’s womb.
Drinking the clouds
painful sanity
I have used my blood’s
own name;
my words are
freshly hand made.
I gather animals from
To then be in this haze
that desperately wants a host,
a body within another
as a doll filled
with cotton,
The organs are placed on the table
and the feelings begin to be nothing
more than a mystery.
The colors of tone decides to hide
from the
outside curtains,
like the array of anger
in the dim of one’s eye.
It is hard to see where one can go,
the mountains are far,
The road begins to duplicate,
reaching out to stumble
to then hear pounding of drums
that awake crows
hidden in trees.
The lights would soon
fall and like the stars
dipped in fire.
Land would finally sprout
from one single seed.

Gabriel. X. Hendrix is a poet & writer, born in Miami FL and currently attending the University of Central Florida. Hendrix will earn his B.A. in English Creative Writing. Hendrix explores the layers of grief and the struggles of identity through his writing.

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