Friday, December 6, 2019

Three Poems by Connie Backus

white paint on walls

almost everything is doubled up
socks pants shirts

the mule deer are favorites
w/their own warm coats of chocolate
ice cream swirl

turkey mothers/fathers run close behind poults
always in a hurry playing in the park/the yard

& then

all the time

off the side of a hungry canyon

I.                grand coulee separates
she is aloof
she will claim
she is not in a serious relationship

II.              although osprey nests are empty
atop silos they still echo

leaves falling
if you are interested/

if you look close enough

III.            you might see canadian lynx/thick coated coyotes

& cackling geese arrive at banks
for winter

badgers hang out in large rocks
by the ball fields

then there are those rarely seen
but everyone has a story- & what to do
if you see bears & cougars


if we must have fairy circles
give them peals of wedding  bells

wedding mushrooms wedding
vows oaths explanatory phrases

& they don’t  promise marriage
from an old maple

you don’t care close you
are so mad at the rain in the lake

enough w/feelings enough
circles of greyish day

how about that how
about crying  rings
as a sign of commitment

circles of hollow
on the ocean walk

how about too much before
over & over

the same kind of what happens
give me a hidden tree umbrellaed

& I’ll see the allergies
in a forest of fairy circles

if it still feels if
it still smells sweet
what about circles 

Connie Backus was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She loves to write about nature and run along the coulee with her daughter. 

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