Monday, December 23, 2019

Good Hunting by Sarah Hussein

Sarah Hussein is an Egyptian painter and photographer. She earned a Bachelor of Science in 2015.
Sarah has been awarded the Arab prize in fine arts in 2018 for her artwork, the Egyptian farmers. She has been awarded the sponsorship award in the xiv INTERNATIONAL EX LIBRIS COMPETITION "EX LIBRIS - EX LITTER" in Ruse (2018) for her artwork the carrier pigeon and in the International Art and Design competition 2019 (Italy) for her artwork men in the desert, and in the Women in the Arts competition 2019 (Florida) for her artwork, the difference. Sarah has participated in many local exhibitions, such as in the Youth Salon for Art in the Egyptian Opera house, at its 29th session in 2018 with her painting freedom; as well as internationally with her artwork the dancers at the Art Revolution Taipei Fair (Taiwan) 2019 and in the Venice Land Art Prize contemporary art fair (Italy) 2019.

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