Friday, December 13, 2019

Four Poems by Bobbi Lurie

freeing need this talisman to survive count me in

the many of them just like you, abused by this world
and its systems, art the sacred place we go to hide
there is a we of us here making life new with our wares
secrets and lies if need be or breaking the gate
and we are numerously longing to be loved
everything is yourself reflecting yourself back onto you
to be one seeking everything the everything seeks
this disease you speak of is your life


the neutrality of the universe doesn’t care
who you think you are
its indifference should alarm you
don’t force yourself to believe in
benevolence only see
you must be neutered too
neutralized made into com-
post like the rest of the dust
covering us

Be alive Be real Be alone

The hive diminishes you
the tribe does
the lies do
you’ve been stripped of dignity by
no one in particular by
the collective
by the global
conspiracy of
this dimension of forgetfulness

heart attacks more likely 9 a.m. monday

thought flow this imaginary being
all things come from seeds
it’s time for the seeker to stop

Bobbi Lurie is the author of The Book I Never Read, Letter from the Lawn, Grief Suite, and the morphine poems@BobbiLurie

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