Saturday, December 21, 2019

ANAMNESIS by Abolaji Adekeye & D.C. Wojciech

It wasn't the puppet master driving the birds further south?
Then who stands here in this shadow passing flowers through a black hole?

I apologize if all my advances were read & blue.

The dream body's strait jacket is head to toe & never has a mouth.

Whatever you do to keep civilizations off yr back.
Wherever you may find a night for these words to pass through unnoticed.

I am the flutter of dreambirds, they flatter.

Some soft beds are concrete comfort for some.
Some cumbersome tombstone to lay my hat again.

A thousand-year-old breath pausing in the doorway of an oak tree.

I am the difference between what wolf does & rabbit says.
What was taken in amnesia was given to mountains.

Do you remember the Catalinas before they were the Catalinas?
Satisfaction can only go around peacocking for so long.

I am the melody the songbird failed to learn, the riddle ponder’d
like the waters of the coconut's middle.

I'm the thorn. I'm the blood clot.
A tidal wave of fiery tongues.

"All that I am is becoming all that I am." 

I apologize if I had mistaken a wilting rose for a lovecoat.

Sugarblossoms only bout is a wayfaring drum.
Mine is a boney neck & grapefruit skin.

The secret of paradise
is never guessing the weight of yr tongue.

Abiku came and was gone.

A contradiction of hues is no armor against the amorous bees of still life.

I see what I see.
I am the monocle of Horus.
An acapella requiem to a silenced chorus.

A revolution of colors. Guillotines awash in blood.
Broken gourds & swollen saguaro.

That some come from night & some come for it.
Whether or not a gooseberry explains a promise.
Or a song becomes aperture.

When the fleeing of Wawel refuses monuments.

Was it by sundown or by moonrise—
what was spoken on the hunt will be heard by generations in the future.

Let pompous castles remember Pompeii pummeled by eruption of pumice.
What thresholds pry at the precipice of a reborn Earth—

Within the plumage preening story plucked apart by ravenous eyes.
Flowers assemble, become wreaths—thirsty raven sings a dirge to rainwater suspended midfall.

In the swollen cactus a desert struggles to flourish.

Abolaji Adekeye writes from Lagos.

D.C. Wojciech is from Sacramento, California. He edits Silver Pinion.

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