Friday, November 15, 2019

Two Poems by James Knight

Grammar Lesson

grammar is when the afternoon forgets itself

there are lines everywhere
            the page
            the room
            the window frame
            the horizon

she tries to keep inside

            in the attic lives a certified darkness
            waiting to think or play

she holds the cut men

sings to their bones

The Wooden Father

the wooden father works rapidly at your sores
pearly wisdom gleaming on his brow

                        there is music
            coming from the flowers under the stairs
                                    or perhaps from your mouth

            the night advances like calamity

the wooden father uses
syringes chains and laughter
to progress from one site to the next

                        it is best to keep your fingers still
                        but I think you know that already

the wooden father creaks and snorts
vapour from his crabbed lungs paints masterpieces in the air

you could always run away
            but the memories would bring you back

a pious mother waits
on the other side
of the moon

James Knight is an experimental poet and digital artist. Void Voices, his reimagining of Dante’s Inferno, was published by Hesterglock Press in 2018. Website: and Twitter.

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