Friday, September 27, 2019

A Procedure by Olchar E. Lindsann

“hread which has run through Western Civilization itself, an Exquisite Corpse made of many different parts of volumes, redacted and edi”
            -Edward Morris, “The Theatre and its Double” 

“een created to drain abscesses coll”
            -Antonin Artaud, “The Theatre and its Double”

                        when athwart the boil
            mad in tires, toil, seethe
occluded heed eht, rain cadavers
                        et cause the crops to grow
            jaundiced, dust-diseased, myopic
hooded or a plinth of splintered finger ,nails
                        splayed like a trunk of gut
,immersed in suture: so the corncobs seep
wreathing rutting in eht summers gnastaw groove.
            drained or fire flame the pages
sail came in pustule spasm lake;
a froth of text synthetic eardrum monitors, glued ,et proves
                        dans fluff convulsive in a
                        mothball turn the page ,you
fling miasma in the breathe off death ,you
                        next atop the skull-silk
:so bite chiasmus in concise abysses
;wring fluted wingnuts from entarecht lung;
            ;apprised of the sopping fruitfly ,rage
            et neither sung nor missing jaw
            contract, in hacking eloquence–ô
puffed comme the maggot of a marshmallow
            the moons' disjointed orisons
                        ,tar in the placent maw.

Olchar E. Lindsann has published over 40 books of literature, theory, translation, and avant-garde history including The Ecstatic NerveToward a Radical Historiography, and most recently volume 3 of the ongoing epic Arthur Dies on Luna Bisonte. His poems have appeared in OtolithsLost & Found TimesBrave New Word, and elsewhere, and he has performed and lectured extensively in the US and the United Kingdom. He is the editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press, whose catalog includes over 100 print publications of the contemporary and historical avant-garde, and of the periodicals RêvenanceThe in-Appropriated Press, and Synapse.

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