Friday, August 30, 2019

Two Poems by Sam Silva


The brain floats away
on flute and guitar jazz riffs.
Summer stillness wafts!

Keep being mindful
of the egg in your skull case!
Beautiful thoughts hang!

Do not be fooled then!,
Summer is a distraction.
Dishes lie unwashed.


Those pagan sprites of legend
once fleshly and alive
in their pure passion
full of the fornication of the sky
with muddy clay creation.

Now they lie down dead
or worse than dead
in a Hell made for angels

and those of us with a spark
have fallowed them also
down to ash
and wind-blown dust!

Sam Silva has published at least 150 poems in print magazines, including Sow's Ear, The ECU Rebel, Pembroke magazine, Samisdat, St. Andrew's Review, Charlotte Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, and many more. Has published at least 300 poems in online journals including Jack Magazine, Comrades, Megaera, Poetry Super Highway, physik garden, Ken again, -30-, Fairfield Review, Foliate oak, and dozens of others. Three legitimate small presses have published chapbooks of his, three of those presses have nominated work of his for Pushcart a total of 7 times. He now has many books and chapbooks available at most major online bookstores and his spoken word poetry is available at the major digital markets such as Apple iTunes.

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