Monday, August 19, 2019

Two Poems by Michael Lee Rattigan


Rock-scraping closeness    to miracle    carried from home   
unlettered blessing    in faith's    slow-breathing current
that breaks     through unplugable breach    new beginning’s      

mortal descent    not fallen away    from arms   
sonic boom's silent force    helped by hope-labouring
breath broken    by water's force   

welcome    from no verbal root    explodes   
through every nerve    on musical string    of suns   
backward glance    unstayed by compassion

torn knees lightened    by final entry   
swooping beside bank    to counterpointed breath's   
exact leading    blurred sight's legible joy    given

promise to granted thanks    chance-unfailing algorithm
longing ache    deep mouth-counting holes
in undiminished wait    sun’s cordial scent

non-physically determined departure    taken owl-instructed
steps    call of unfurled blossom    seen   
before as tree    growing by growth   

with untrimmed grief    gifted only to all   
in confirmation     of neutral difference    ripples   
born from overpowering urge    stand by   

hidden support    on day's crushing conception
exceeding strength to bear    alpine blossom
inheres to sight    what it is   

dropped now    from each age    between the shoeless      
remembered    through all we are    unfathomable effort   
to catch air    fidelity to life    unseen. 


Answering likeness of welcome                                                       
withdrawing from loss
comforted in fear   
a storm's deeper tone        
holding out peace                            
unknown in birth

taken step    
bidding goodbye in advance             
to scent of self       
immediate sign
accepting the here of hereafter                      
a hundred times   

the yellow rose's early bloom                                                            
spanning a day made known                                              
to other eyes

all that is given away                                                                                                                                  
within the self  
into the heart
a hoped-for repetition      
footing the sky at dusk.

Michael Lee Rattigan is a poet and translator based in Caterham, Surrey (UK). He has translated the complete collection of Fernando Pessoa's Alberto Caeiro poems (Rufus Books, 2007). His poetry collection Liminal was published in 2012 (Rufus Books). His latest collection Hiraeth was published alongside its French translation in 2016 (Black Herald Press). 

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