Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Entangled Strides From Ghosts by Will Alexander

The Occident, aligned by retrocausal psychic debris, created through campaigns of slaughter and mental mis-direction has arrived at its intrinsic denouement, as a cunning she-wolf looking into superimposed directions of blankness face to face with its own moral evaporation, unable to kindle its own presence and lift its force into the future. Unbeknownst to itself it has regressed to inflamed fragmentation solemnly nourished by exponential tribulation and tenacious spillage from protracted global thievery. This circumstance can in no way simply embrangle itself to basic ideological function, or to didactic wavelength burning with psycho-physical alteration. 

All of the above subtended by European aegis, by its crudely inflamed psychic-superimposition via argumentative dominance, with the human collective thought of as abstraction squared according to partially elevated debris. Our day to day existence maniacally maimed by carnivorous toxins, sired by trans-generational neurological decay. The climate akin to sand blown fissioning, as if we were hyper-dimensional camels who carry loads and now perish from thirst. We persist as a populace general and scattered, as a maimed institutional flock marred by uranium spotting, weary, constrained to remain unnaturally condemned for that which amounts to the unceasing. Because the half-life of uranium supersedes the future life of the Sun, we remain condemned in spite of the glittering effect of partial convenience. The latter, remaining as our daily opiate, as our lateral obfuscation where our transcendent property remains obscured to such a degree, that the individual can only cast his or her image into a mirror of numbers, so that it reflects as a distorted form of cobalt, or a referential ray curiously bent as if the general psychic image had been bent not unlike rays from poisoned tantalum. 

A disfigured species bent on carrying it's general misuse onto planes that exist as Proxima B. The latter condition is not the honest silhouette of a Bedouin trading partner searching for wares in exchange for perfect properties from salt. Humanity has become a hyper-ventilated species haunted by every geological outcropping, by every dazed and increasing shadow that ruminates via inversion. This becomes a distorted lens by which the cells now focus so that the gullies of being now hallucinate as the eye that forms demonic guidance. The collective mind now functions within a tornado of wrath embellished by hyper-dimensional goiters, that can be called nothing other than dysfunctional grammar, nothing other than the entangled strides imprinted from ghosts. 

As ghosts, we circle the abyss and only assuage our minds with a repetitive form of calculation that can only let us rest at a former plane of haunting. Perhaps, 1953, or 1976, when damage was not so blatantly conflated with our universal outcome. When one looks at collective respiratory lines in Mumbai, or the hanging breathing over cities in China one is not evincing an ideological concept or summoning up Christian superiority that gloats over the fates of the condemned. This remains a staggering amplification of our collective circumstance that now reaches beyond the calculation ascribed to galactic distance that presently haunts our understanding of the unknown. Let us say that collective DNA has now become conversant with its aftermath and now assumes another language that presently susurrates with itself as another form capable of tenancy with unimaginable forms that cognition can never attest to. 

Will Alexander- Poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, philosopher, visual artist, pianist, who has authored over 30 books and chapbooks. He has read at venues stretching from Rotterdam to Los Angeles and is currently poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in Venice California. In addition to this he is a Whiting Fellow, a California Arts Council Fellow, a Pen Oakland winner, an American Book Award winner, as well being both a recipient of the Jackson Prize for poetry in 2016, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in 2018. He resides in Los Angeles.

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