Monday, May 27, 2019

Selections from Spirits In The Albino Hotel (throwing antlers), Part 2 by J. Karl Bogartte

The Guardians by J. Karl Bogartte

All that is lost to interpretation, she becomes a passing moment for a panorama, a blind assassin fondling the wind that leads to your entrance.


She let you in, to the mirror, the fiction, into shadow. For her you were seahorse and Saracen, tail first and cabal, pool-like and sleight of hand… 


A mumbling savant keeps the chronologists at bay, takes apart those lost Huron consternations, planting morning glories for clarity. A lovesick girl who is perpetually lighting candles… A sorceress without mercy, with training wheels for archival balance. Your transparency enables that luminosity of over-riding concerns, being seen through, for a vast landscape that doesn’t know you. Imagines you. But who you are. The absurd brilliance of re-inhabiting your body with no precedent. Mumbling… Imprinting…


The mind is a handful of golden dust, a grand gesture to imitate the storm, challenge dissolution.


The antlered guardian is a tiptoed dwarf veiled in royal chemise, espionage, dipped in ink and wolf-shaped. To be torched into transparency.

J. Karl Bogartte is an artist/poet and involved in international surrealism.

His writing has been included in Paraphilia Magazine, The Fiend, X- Peri, Diaphanous,
Numéro Cinq (online) and Peculiar Mormyrid, Analogon 65, la vertèbre et le rossignol (in print). He has published 11 books of prose poems and Antibodies a surrealist novella. His most recent books are Auré, The Spindle’s Arc, And Still The Navigators… His newest collection Spirits In The Albino Hotel throwing antlers will be published in the summer of 2019.

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