Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Selection from Diario by Iván Argüelles

                               the last photo of us together
not have the final rapprochement though we walk
streets crowded with vowels and a lack of syllables
the marmoreal entrance to thought and its dictionary
a lapse of afternoons in a summer of conjunctions
the left hand and its lesson of versifying heights
a nosebleed a shadowy walk with nuns into the nave
candles spent and incense wafting in clouds the shape
of demons or imps from the Rg Veda and if there
is a right hand still functioning as a guide to the per-
plexed to the ignominious of memory walking avenues
shaded by months of porphyry did we not have
a final epistle a trajectory beyond the daily baptism
and crucifixion something on the other side of words
a chaos of invention in sound and ink with books
of uncut pages and leaves alphabetized for their color
and formation and the eye we shared like the ear
between the two of us which heard symphonies of  utter
stone a pre-history of sand and the enormous fictions
of space with its eerie evenings without water and
what if we did say goodbye too soon and the buildings
curving around a Jerusalem of despond taking photos
with windows and reflections of a black Toltec sun
spinning its x-rays around our cinemascope brains
childhoods and childhoods we spent together like a
pair of unwanted Buddhas lying in an early spring
ditch more totem than idol more idiom than dialect
spans between thumb and index finger we aimed
our maps at the futility of language knowing full well
the birthright of platitudes and the silence of glass
crystalline dawns made static by our secret radio
oracular division of the number without quantity
what a mistake the bride was what an error the phone
and making up for a miscalculation in years we met
or so it seemed in a darkness of light outside the chance
that for the last time we would pose for the camera
of entelechy bright with the expectation of a future
grounded in the birth of our past a death beyond
reconciliation a loss of the eye and ear we shared
from the inception in snows and bitter melancholy
the famous dot dot dot of a code flashed from out
there hermeneutics and mandala of twin-speech
if we did say goodbye too soon

Innovative poet  Iván Argüelles is the author of numerous works, notably “That” GoddessHapax LegomenonMadonna Septet, and Comedy , Divine , The (a poem structurally based on Dante’s work). Among recently published works are Fragments from a Gone World, and Cien Sonetos. Usually linked with the surrealists, his work has deep roots in the classics as well as modernists such as Pound and Joyce. 

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