Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Two Poems by Matthew Borczon

Empty Hallway

is an
empty hallway

and every
is a
screeching crow
an architect's
drawing a
blues song
not written
but improvised
on an
ancient guitar
today all
my yesterdays
are still
just a
loaded gun
and the
only question
worth asking
is where
to point
it and
when to
pull the
and will
any of
it matter
when it
makes the
dogs bark
the babies
cry and
the stars
out of
the sky.


If June
then January
about thickened
blood and
tired bones
about the
death of
Elvis and
the state
of the

it's snowing
again and
skin can
freeze in
less then
ten minutes
the time
it takes
to fall
in love

the time
it takes
for your
whole life
to flash
before your

Matthew Borczon is a poet from Erie, Pa. He has written 9 books of poetry, his latest book Ghost Highway Blues is available through Alien Buddha press. He publishes widely both in print and online. When not writing he is a nurse for adults with disabilities.

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