Friday, April 12, 2019

The Amalgam by Dave Shortt

overcast fills the earth cavity,
mountain cusps of original tooth
hold together the chewing vision still sensitive
to hot & cold,
to canine emotions & telepathic voices
on the wind

gameteless language-beings, peltless,
gnashing, clanking, yip,
cached away in chromium'd geology

a denture's baked cleverness
awaits a diphthong's ultimate lisped failure,
rain falls like breast milk
from the artifex Above,
while a nursing baby may vanish
in invisible plumes of incinerators

creatures working in the candy mines
(the outermost shells of humans)
bonded young with the noble metals,   
blessed with  scrapyard smiles
that would make them a star,
diamond drill of bollyhollyness preps
a winged persona for the fulfillment of the masses
freefalling in the space
of their closed mouths

accursed mercurial dimercurides before
accustoming to quasi-crazy hermetically-sealed smiles,
hydrargyrum easily packed into farthest reaches
of a decaying Milky Way
saves the bite of night, rooted in the firmament
above wine-stained acropolises
& lava flows engulfing tuskless elephants

glommed crowns are idolized
by white noise acing out the encephalo-realms,
degraded & pirated signals
are fedback with divested enlightenment & 'eat more tuna,'
mayonnaise-finned go-betweens between
instinctual nickels in neptunal lockdown
& cepheid dreams breaching unratiocinated information
at interface of salt-saturated solution (The Deep) &
phosphor'd breathable anesthesias of aether
soothing the abscesses of Pegasus

bobbing gigantic mammal Opuses
wallow under smithies of stars,
labials hammered out for silver tongues
liberalize the lingual lead
in line after line where benign flora
should thrive watered by saliva, vulgar spit
spun off its projectile path in disconnect
from mandala feelings (magnetized filings)

success-filled syntaxes grind down at night
in visitations of ruminant night-mares
conveying their riders into
fractal hemispherical text messages
that heat-shocked some snuff-tinned miners

'final' 'cautions':
modulates compatible frequency components
to universal precariousness of wisdom (teeth);
amplitudes of micro-nuclei
synchronize towards groupthink;
changes in cell gene structure
over play time, over memory;
presence of elementary magnetite
in anticipation of new asteroids

Dave Shortt is a longtime writer (from the USA) whose work has appeared over the years in numerous print & electronic literary-type venues, including The Ekphrastic Review.   More of his poems can be found in Uut Poetry, Molly Bloom, Poetry Salzburg Review & Blackbox Manifold

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