Friday, February 22, 2019

Hydrogen by Dave Shortt

promiscuous autonomous bonds with forever,
food & water following from the sun forming
from the one protium abundance, deuterium
was more sociable but
still their ages made them incomparable (incompatible) , she
wanted a baby who would never breathe
petroleum fumes, odorlessly would it
mobilize into moderate fusions, while
mega-bombs repressed in dark matter
slumbered, as spectacular oxidizing explosions
assimilate into heat & light's civil function,
a pleroma of solar wind comes in as waves
of disenfranchised ones with their property
of unpredictability, never to be known
will continue the deep isolation of the mass
awakening within the molecules
as neutral or charged co-existence of the lighter
with the heavier, extended & further committed,
in splendor materially,
the surpassing plurality 'alive with innate colors'
brought under its gregarious paternity
& polygamous character compounded with the ease of starlight
fomented with compassion induced
from the underground meeting between water & the fayalite, coming
from there to here & back again
the chemical chimaera of laboratory earth
occulted in its home
nurturing & morphing the legitimate residency
of the 3 forms of self-determination
born in breaking symmetries in the prime of time the time of prime,
protium deuterium tritium
in free states of radioactivity, stable non-neutrality, & endurability

'traceable to the Big Bang,' they
invisibly fuel concentrations of such peace
as are controlled by the sunrise
& are awed into corn's carbon pathways being harvested,
trinity of underground & galactic plasmas
isotopic in omnipresence,
one of the fraternal twins venturing into Kekule's benzene dream,
as the levity of bilateral talks escapes earth's gravity
& leaves the atmosphere, to be replaced
along reducing routes of biochemistry medicated or wild,
emitting equivalent appearances of potential dialogue
in the grip of consent from the auroras
predictably sharing until tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow
a change magnetized right here
into a usually incredible greenish feeling
of one period occurring overhead at a horizon
of Love streaming naive,
lightyears before & behind baryonic curtains trying to introduce
quantized norms abuzz with gassy kinetics
specifying an ant or a fertilized field
variable in strength in an organic history
held together over a drink of
whatever tastes good, transitioning
into acids cola'd or digesting the earth
in annihilation of each moment's configuration
adjectived or not,
ascetically detached from any anion-cation duality
of its position,
servant of a neutrality motivating
an equation the other side of which is numbered
unaccountable Consciousness, where embedded matrices
justify the muteness of the lightest baby of the atoms
in analysis of the desire unable to desire
& of the familiarized-with electron unable to analyze,
the alleged simplest common denominator of 'relationship,'
no way to break its geometrically-pretended longing
to provide every necessity available in the spectrum
of the spectrum
for the spectrum's every energy level innocent in need,
probably never to return to the wastes beyond when
it started traveling into the definitions of 'solitude' & 'deprivation'
actually proving itself as a kind of trustworthy shamanic daredevil,
the faithful friend lost track of,
now a multitudinous follower now the one followed,
now a primitive endowed creator lacking nothing
& everything

Dave Shortt is a longtime writer (from the USA) whose work has appeared over the years in numerous print & electronic literary-type venues, including The Ekphrastic Review. More of his poems can be found in Uut Poetry, Molly Bloom, Poetry Salzburg Review & Blackbox Manifold

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