Friday, January 25, 2019

Two Poems by Rus Khomutoff

Zenith temptation

Annex the corporeal night
holy antrum laminating the postmedial push
in an endless series of rituals
that ward off rather than
dive into the monster versal
hollow earth, abyss & apex, virgin keen
the sprawl of new immaterialities, interruptions
ruin, allegory, melancholy
anonymous calling
nonsensuous reality rendering everything
as an instrument toward the end of a spectacle
deep breath asylum whim surge
this zenith temptation

Atrocious verse of silence
and toad of nothingness
atrocious page where the wind is silent
territory isolated from melancholy
treasures of insomnia and the plain of silence
over which the rain and words fails
and the wind destroys everything except the word
-Leopoldo Maria Panero


My heart is elsewhere camouflaged by the
poetic phantom power
church of clarity eminence front
cardinal lamentation dwell
melancholy body sacrilege
tattoo highway insomnia punk equinox
superhorse transfiguration tesseract
deacon anarchy untitled child
and the night ocean I neglected to mention

My name is Rus Khomutoff and I am an experimental language poet base in Brooklyn, NY. My poetry has appeared in San Francisco review of books, Proprose magazine, Mojave Heart review and Hypnopomp. In 2018 I published my debut collection Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press)

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