Sunday, January 6, 2019

the road to holy road by Heller Levinson

the road to holy road

sacredness                   circuitry
to spill into the envelope of holy
                                                     (arousal’s concubine
A-strings on fire
spun coincidentals
scouting absence in the dish towel
counting the exits in cessation
where contiguity shades into analogy & metonymy morphs into metaphor & synecdoche 
scrambles suggestion the hegemonic solution is a slow burning intercourse
upon the lingual mattress
the road is both low & high
circuitous & straight
the road is both perilous & safe
the command
is to ascend
in combinatorial seepage

Heller Levinson, the originator of Hinge Theory, lives in New York where he studies animal behavior.  His book, Un--, is planned for Spring publication (Black Widow Press, 2019).

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