Sunday, January 20, 2019

from Concerning The Henbane Bird by Will Alexander

the phalanx of urgency 
being form who imbibes fire from lianas 
who shatters barren weight of unsealed discovery  

having emerged from death 
I've been suspended over eons 
surviving 'three mass extinction'  
surviving each degree of early mountain building  okay that's cool we doing 

to the terrestrial gaze I am famished
I seem inflated with mercury 
yet the light of my phonemes hail from above 

the Black Sea 
with its original slate of telepathy gone awry 
its intrinsic arcana damaged 
its pike-perch 
its sturgeon 

its sprays 
its whitings 
its mullets 
garrish with decline
& the Lima Ocean polluted *
the Pacific 
intrinsically altered by tailings from Andean mining 
from unfit sewage pouring from Esmaraldas* 
then the San Vincente Gulf * 
the Bay of Valparaiso* 
'the Guyas River in Ecuador' 
alive with perpetual waste 
with raw exterior sewage 

there exists 'The Blas lslands* 
with their 'waters clear as glass' 
full of coral & trout & groupers 
unlike the mining scars evinced in New Caledonia *

these scars 
with nickel & copper 
with lead zinc & chrome 

my original death condoned by cold 
by ethers from the mines 

to those with blurred intetnal optics
I could be a lorikeet from eastern Tasmania 
or a golden pheasant from the mountains of China 
or a failed murmur 
or a dulled civilian riddle 
certainly not instinctual precision 
but a finely wrought chariot purblind with dioxins

I have not arisen from asphysia 
to share in legislation 
or to battle over various levels of dysfunction 
of course 
the politics of de-thronement & solitary acquisition 
being no more than a flaw in the fort of transition 

I do not seek power adorned by quotidian bribery 
awash in niggling mental capture 
but of the higher range of cobalt 
of a solar furnace of rays 
with my alchemical ratios 
with my semantics which splinters into spectrums 
beyond visible calibration 
beyond its attendant neural focus 
with visual degree developed beyond blank neutrino blizzards 
being by no barometer related to deficient Gothic embranglement 
but in keeping with an alternating blizzard of trigonomic pontoons 

an electromagnetic reasoning bluish with alterity 
with tension to re-exist 
to blaze again 
immersed in electrical imminence 

not flight as electrical enfeeblement 
as deleterious enclosure 
but as sunquake 
as biological abstentia 
with strange hormonal phosphenes 
bereft of pharmaceutical depravity 
this being 
neither submission nor error 
nor that which ignites 
a mirror within starving python's water 
one could call this moisture 
filled with ashen reptile meridians 
condensed by seeming fractious defeat 

this amounts to hypnopompic warrens 
in ungainfull braille 
sullied by hesitation 
like balletic nullification 
related to subconscious inklings 
that periodically arise 
in the partial reunion of sleepless Satan monkeys 

now being the era of fauna 
as the Sun explodes inside itself 
provoking caustic vertigo in the realm 
so that general living is constrained 
by stony unhealable quanta 
so that the pythons mentioned 
the lorikeets 
the squid
the micro-foundations that fulminate in krill 
scarred with retrogression 

this silent in-sonorous struggle 
full of sodium unleashing its ratios by fatigue 
by dioxins harbored in blasphemous testing ground 
the fauna of Earth consumed by disruption

& land being no more than smoke 
being a fissure of black diamonds 
under ill-gotten methane..."


Lima Ocean- The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Lima

Esmaraldas- Coastal city of Ecuador with inadequate infrastructure whose sewer is designed to accommodate no more than 30,000 people while it's current population is just under 200,000.

San Vincente Gulf- Gulf in Chile contaminated "by pesticide residues."

 Valparaiso- Chilean bay spoiled by sewage.

San Blas Islands- On the Caribbean side of Panama "halfway to the coast of Colombia inhabited by 35,000 Kuna Indians, a paradise with clear glass waters" , yet "threatened by the Panamanian National guard" attempting to "annex some of their coastal lands" , with the Panamanian government seeking to log the watershed for cattle ranching, as well as threats from foreign fishing incursion.

New Caledonia- French territory in the South Pacific that "remains one of the world's largest producers of laterite. It represents " about 97% of the total value of exports."

A note on the text: This is an excerpt from Concerning The Henbane Bird. It is channeled through the voice of an Andean Hillstar the 2nd largest hummingbird on Earth. It is a shamanic bird that empowers the poem that extends over 300 pages. There are 2 other poems that go with The Henbane Bird, the other 2 are entitled On Solar Physiology and The Ganges. The 3 poems combine and climb over 600 pages in length. The whole is entitled The Combustion Cycle, concerned with shamanism as lingual transmutation.

Will Alexander- Poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, philosopher, visual artist, pianist, who has authored over 30 books and chapbooks. He has read at venues stretching from Rotterdam to Los Angeles and is currently poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in Venice California. In addition to this he is a Whiting Fellow, a California Arts Council Fellow, a Pen Oakland winner, an American Book Award winner, as well being both a recipient of the Jackson Prize for poetry in 2016, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in 2018. He resides in Los Angeles.

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